The Naked iPhone Kit


Over your limited options of white or black iPhone5? #notrealproblems

Well, now you have a new option we present you the Translucent mod kit. It allows you to see the guts of your iPhone 5, if you’re so inclined. The body is scratch-proof and anti-fingerprint with highly visible see-through panels which makes everything inside the powerful Apple iPhone 5 visible from the outside.


The mod kit is so precise that every single small part is made to the finest. Not only the Back Panel is made translucent but the sim card slot, mute switch button, power button, and even the Lightning port slot are made translucent too! The translucent mod kit is made of highly durable plastic with a little bit of elasticity hence it can withstand strong collision and bending during installation. Some assembly required on your end to make this happen, but wouldn’t it be cool?


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